Sunday, April 28, 2013

New Construction Begins

The Demo was almost done and we took one more tour around the house before we saw every piece of the existing frame gone.

Then the real excitement started. Tad and I have been looking at these flat drawings of our future house for so long... it was so exciting to see it start to come alive.
Boys room

Kylies room and Laundry room

Family Room
Kitchen/great room

Guest Bedroom

Framing one of my favorite rooms in the house... the huge bonus room.

Let the roofing begin. We chose to go with the presidential composition roof, color Black.

This picture was taken Feb 6 2013. Only 2 months after they started demo. So Amazing.
 Feb 6th I left to go on the famous Carnival Cruise ship that got stuck out in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico. When I came home I saw this house below and started to cry. I felt so incredibly blessed.

 Once the trim and siding were done it was time to choose a paint color. AHHHH... let the stress begin. All the decisions for the the finishes. I searched and searched and painted and painted. I finally found a house in HB that I liked and I went and asked them what their paint color was. They told me it was a custom color so they gave me a sample of it and i had it made.
The white is Dunn Edwards Whisper and the siding color is the custom color.

March 11th... outside of the house almost done.. inside of the house begins.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Demo Time!

From the moment Tad and I saw Bettie's house we knew that we wanted it. With that said, we also knew that we were going to have to do a full complete remodel from top to bottom inside and out. We we very blessed to have everything/ everyone lined up ready to go as soon as we closed escrow.

Here is what we did prior to the close of escrow..
1) We finalized our architect and the structural engineer plans.

2) We finalized  who would be our contractor. We choose Jason Gonterman with Gonterman Construction. We liked his work, liked his personality, liked his time line (he said that it would only take 6 months to build), and most important to us... he was a good price.

3) We went to the city and pulled all permits for our full remodel. I am so glad we started well ahead of time. It took a long time (6 weeks) and a lot of negotiation to get all the plans approved by the city.

  As soon as we received the keys there was no wait time we were in full construction zone. We knew for sure that the whole backyard aka coyote den needed to go.

 The bulldozer was amazing and cleared out the beast of the backyard in two days. It was really fun to watch.

Then we assessed the house and to see what needed to be demoed and what could stay. We designed the house with the hopes that we could use the existing bones (frame) of the house and do a little adding on.

As soon as we saw this beam (the beam that was holding the house up) completely rotten and falling apart in our hands we knew that the whole house needed to come down.

In fact, when our contractor saw the wood he immediately called the framers to come right over and get a structure up that would support the house. He thought for sure the house was falling down
The house was a breeze to tear down since it was already falling down.  They were able to have almost the whole structure and backyard gone in one week. It was shocking.

Our house, a week after we closed escrow.

Closed Escrow.... first walk thru of our new home.

After the TV show came and filmed Bettie, they gave her a Month of help to finish up her packing. She did great and continued to really make progress. With my Grandma passing away and some loan issues we ended up not closing on the the house until Nov 27th. We were so extremely excited that after all these many years and months we finally owned Bettie's house.

We got the keys from Escrow and walked into our new home. Enjoy the tour.
The front yard
We decided to check out the backyard first.
Side yard
Shed in the side yard
Walking towards the backyard from the side

One of the MASSIVE over grown, never taken care of trees.

The backyard

Back patio
We found an opening! The back corner of the yard

Back of the house

We took some Suveniers from our tour of the back yard and decided to head into the house.

The entry door

Living room

Family room


Downstairs bath

Guest bath

Stair way
Upstairs hallway

Bedroom 1

Kylie's Bedroom
Boys bedroom

Master bedroom

Master bath
Kids bath

Are you excited for us! We have been waiting 2.5 years for this beauty! After the walk thru we knew everything was going to have to go....

Well except this beautiful rose... we will keep it!